Meet the CFA

The Canadian Footbag Alliance was founded in 1996 by World Champions, Rich 'Chard' Cook and Scott Milne.  Their passion and many years of involvement in the sport has made them experts in virtually every aspect of the game.  The CFA is committed to promoting and developing the sport of Footbag in Canada and throughout the world.

The CFA's objectives include:

Manufacturing and distributing top quality footbags at reasonable prices.

Educating the public to the benefits and excitement of the sport by means of demonstrations, clinics, and workshops.

Increasing and developing player's skills, by offering affordable instruction for all levels of ability.

Devising systems and programs to educate, recruit, and train new players.

Increasing participation in the sport by organizing tournaments and helping other clubs to organize tournaments.

Assisting local and provincial groups with club and league development. 

Continually improving and refining relationships between the Sport of Footbag, amateur athletic organizations, government, and corporate sponsors. 


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