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It's been 32 years now...  STILL KICKIN'

It took me 18 years to win a world title at this sport.  Nothing easy about it.  Like any sport, you need to put the time in and practice if you want to be the best.

I've performed well over 1400 public demonstrations, kicked a footbag in 45 states, 8 provinces and 8 countries.  All for the love of 'hackin the sack'.  Met countless great people and developed so many lasting friendships all because of this great sport.

Thanks for your continued support.

CFA Footbags are all hand stitched with synthetic man-made materials and consistently stuffed to a specific size and weight.  If you have any questions or would rather place your order with a real person - just email or phone me. (604) 560-1044.

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